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Three Nylon Mesh Drawstring Bags (PPO)

Three Nylon Mesh Drawstring Bags (PPO)
Part Number 9003
Weight 0.06 lbs
Our price: $2.95
These neat little drawstring bags always come in handy! And, the bright colors help you identify them.

Whether inside your pack or hanging on the outside, you can keep small stuff from getting lost. You can also see what's inside. Use them to organize toiletries, hold your baggies of soiled tissues, or you can make up little "go-bag" packs containing a small peerag, some tissues, disposal baggies, personal hygiene items, and hand sanitizer for those times of need.

We've used these to hang personal items that need to dry on the outside of the pack (peerags, underwear) because they provide ventilation, protection and some privacy.

Size: You get three bags in the colors shown (lavendar-blue, pink, orange), each about 5" x 6"
Weight: 10 grams (1/3 ounce) each

Note: The bags are closed by double-pull drawstrings. They do NOT have plastic drawstring clips. These are light-duty bags made as novelties and may have a limited lifetime.