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Wee-Danna: Deepwoods Green

Wee-Danna: Deepwoods Green
Part Number 1101
Weight 0.04 lbs
Our price: $12.95
Add comfort and class with a fashionable bandana-style WeeRag!

This isn't your mother's pee-rag, oh no. That soft cottony bandana exterior hides the awesomely absorbent and versatile WeeRag, a sponge-like felted natural fabric made from viscose. Viscose is spun cellulose (rayon), hot-air puffed to make a soft and absorbent lightweight pad that can hold up to 20 times its weight in moisture.

Keep your hands clean! The Wee-danna's pre-sewn shape helps you identify the "used" areas so you can remember to only handle the clean side, without that dismaying wet spot. Rinse it out and use it as a washcloth for those personal parts. It's washer and dryer-safe for when you have access to a laundry, or just handwash when needed and hang it on your backpack to dry.

Extra bonus hint: Let the bandana be a dustcover for the WeeRag. If the bandanna gets dusty or dirty, or you've set your pack down in the mud or in some questionable foliage, just lift the top layer bandana and use the WeeRag pad directly. Keeps your pack cleaner too!

Comes with a hanging loop and also with a handy mini-carabiner clip. (Clip colors will vary)

Size: 8" wide, 14" long folded as shown
Weight: 14 grams, about 1/2 ounce
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